Sunday, October 23, 2005

Free Articles - A Resource To Build Your Business

You probably know about article directories. Those are the sites that have thousands of free re-printable articles. But do you know how article directories and their free articles can help you with your business?

5 Ways Free Articles Can Help Build Your Business

Use the articles in your ezine to pass on information.
Two of the most common reasons I hear for not starting a list are "I can't write" or "I don't have anything to write about." Using other peoples articles can easily solve both problems.

Although it is highly recommended that you write your own articles, at least occasionally, many well established online publishers use other peoples articles within their ezines on a regular basis.

Use the articles on your website for credibility.
Articles from other people are a good way add credibility to your statements. You can use them either on you main page or as additional references.

Submit your own articles to get free advertising.
If someone decides to publish your article, they must include your information and that's free advertising.

Submit your own articles to help build your link popularity.
When you submit your article with your information, your link is now on the article directory site. And, if anyone publishers your article on their site, your link will be there too.

Submit your own articles to get name recognition.
As your articles get used, your name will become familiar with those seeing your articles and you will start being perceived as an "expert".
There are many article directories so they are easy to find. Just do a little searching to find free re-printable articles that are relevant to your niche.

If you write an article, be sure to submit it to some of the directories. It will take a few minutes but it's time well spent if it brings you some free, high-quality traffic.

To assist you in your search for good article directories, I've written a free 4 page report on "How to Evaluate Article Directories to Get Your Content Published." If your interested in either finding content or submitting articles, I list three of the best article directories for both finding and submitting articles at the end of the report. It's available at:

Author : ASusan Carroll

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