Saturday, January 14, 2006


Raspberry Goals, thats a strange name for a goals setting plan.

It caught my attention and its a fun way to learn.

Heres how this acronym matrix came into being.

My mentor sent a funny goals setting email video message to me today.

The message was to be informational and they used HUMOR to anchor the lesson.

They were talking Goals and how SMART is used as an acronym to explain Goals setting. Many of you know that the acronym for SMART goals breaks down into:

Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.

My mentor and his friend had some fun by changing Realistic to Raspberry, as if it was an error.

They corrected that mistake back to Realistic and continued with the goals setting lesson.

It was a fun way to keep your attention and to make their point.

I was rolling on the floor with laughter from their presentation when I realized that maybe I could make a goal setting acronym using any word.

I have used SMART Goals in my 90 Day Goals setting material for years. How about something new?

Raspberry Goals was created to show you how easy it is to develop articles with a goals setting matrix and a different acronym.

What about the word, R A S P B E R R Y ?

OK, lets try it.

R = Results Oriented
A = Action based
S = Success driven
P = Positive Mindset
B = Bountiful but specific in scope
E = Enthusiastic and energetic
R = Really BIG goals that are achievable
R = Realistic, Timely and Measurable
Y = YOU, Inc. Give yourself the Raspberry.

Thats RASPBERRY Goals. It was made in fun but its an easy way to spice up your articles and presentations.

Try the RASPBERRY Goals Matrix technique. It works.

You can use this technique to write an article, give a talk, a workshop, do an audio/video presentation or use it as a way to remember important information.

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