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Spirituality: The Power Of Thought

Many of us have forgotten the power that is inherent in the thoughts that we entertain in our minds. Most "think" that such thoughts are simply neuroelectrochemical events that happen in and are confined to the brain and that affect our attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors. Although this is true it is not all they do.

In a recent study employing a new modality called the Mind Resonance Process(TM) (MRP) I was able to show that when two individuals shared the memory of a traumatic incident that by helping one individual completely erase their traumatic memory this also erased the same memory from the mind/body of the second person at a distance.

So what does this have to do with thoughts? Well all of our beliefs and memories are stored in the mind/brain/body as some form of thought pattern. The thoughts generally exist as a series of conscious and unconscious words or images.

Firstly the study showed that thoughts are not hard-wired. That is they can be permanently erased. The consequence of doing so also showed that this could have an affect on other individuals' "thought patterns" that were linked in some way. In this case they were linked by the common traumatic incident and by the relationship between the two individuals.

When the thoughts representing the corresponding memories were erased each individual noted feeling a sense of relief, lighter, more joyful, more peaceful, and greater resilience to name a few. In other words they experienced an emotional and physiological shift in their internal state of being.

Of course it had been known that thoughts have had the potential to affect one's emotional or physical state prior to this study but this was felt to occur primarily via neuroelectrochemical pathways within that person's own body.

This study suggests that something much greater is happening. It suggests that thoughts can have effects that occur at a distance that cannot be explained simply on the basis of such internal physiological events.

In order to explain these observations it useful to postulate some form of common or connecting "thought field" which many have referred to as a matrix of consciousness or collective consciousness. Such a field may not only "connect" individuals beyond time and space it may also be the "store house" for all of the beliefs/memories that individuals belonging to such a field share in common.

Up until now it has been common belief that once an event becomes stored in such a collective field that it "remains" stored there and becomes part of the "history" of those individuals who experienced it. In other words the field is progressively cumulative and this in some way would correspond to the forward movement of time.

After all the forward movement of time is a fact primarily because we have a history of events that supposedly came before and which are accessible somewhere in the "thought field". Time depends on history and vice versa. So what happens to time if we are able to get of history by erasing it?

MRP is showing that memories and beliefs can actually be "removed" from the collective field thereby altering what we call our "history". What impact would releasing such information have on the collective group?

Well it is my experience that most of the memories that are recorded as "history" tend to be of a traumatic nature. In fact the very "passage of time" is in a sense traumatic because it is intimately linked with and defines what we call the aging process. Aging is inherently traumatic because it is associated with lost opportunity, lost youth, physical breakdown and ultimately death.

Hence the release of "historical fragments" from a collective thought field would essentially eliminate the passage of time and should conceptually be experienced in a positive manner.

Indeed this has been corroborated by many observations of individuals who have undertaken the MRP experience. Not only do they experience a disconnection from the past but as they do they also start to feel and look younger. In other words they seem to be reclaiming their youth.

So in summary, thoughts appear to have very significant effects on how we experience our health, the aging process, and time itself.

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