Saturday, January 14, 2006

Star Journal

The fifth day of June, 3085, cosmic era II. Jon Falcone, Overcaptain, Mining starboat Antares IV.

We have been on this lump of ice for fourteen days the pocket of ergite was detected and since no further progress has been made on the object'. It is sixty meters high and fifty-two meters in circumference. It possesses a soft outer skin which is covered by an impenetrable layer of an unknown substance. My chief scientist says this substance could be a force field, since our ultradiamond drills had no effect. The only information received from its interior was a slow rumble of noise that tilted the Antares IV six degrees off axis. No damage was reported. I ordered a complete spectrum analysis which should be ready tomorrow. Thank Space the ergite processing site is almost completed. The crew is getting edgy.

The sixth day of June, 3085.

Dr. Blade notified me of twelve complaints of headaches among the exterior crew. No cause is named. Corsair, our chief scientist reported that with one exception, no emanations at all are coming from the 'object'. Estimates from the lab say it weighs five million earth tons and they time the rumbles from its interior at twenty three hours apart. The exception is probably a false reading of 56 to the 7th power at 6 nano angstroms - somewhere in the lower thought ranges, but impossibly strong.

The seventh day of June, 3085

Finally, a light wave report from Sirius answering my request for information about the single emanation from the object. There must be some mistake or a joke of some sort. The readout claims its source from a study done on extra galactic life in 3044 by Earth University. The frequency is listed as a single syllable from a life form on the super planet, Lagos, Sirius Cluster. It supposedly denotes the hunger cry of a baby. Very funny. Ho Ho.

The eighth day of June, 3085.

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