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Uncover An Effective 3 Day Per Week Weight Training Program

There are so many different ideas on weight training and bodybuilding that it is very difficult to know what to do. This includes various split routines. Most people don't understand how splitting up your workouts can dramatically reduce or increase your training results.

Usually one of two things happen. Some people develop the 'paralysis by analysis' syndrome and end up either never getting started with a program or they quit soon after starting.

On the flip side, many people go from one weight lifting routine to another without any rhyme or reason as to why they have chosen a specific weight training program. And they bounce around so quickly, changing their lifting program so often, that they never stick with a routine long enough to know if it's effective or not.

Many different programs, such as the 3 day training split, can be very effective. The key is to incorporate the fundamentals of weight training into the routines. This will allow you to make the progress that you want. Below, you'll find descriptions of these fundamentals. Here's an example of one aspect of this.

Let's say you've chosen to workout according to a 3 day split. You workout three days per week, training each body part once per week. After a few weeks, you change to a full body workout and you are still training three times per week. Now you are training each body part three times per week.

All things being equal, you will need to drastically reduce the volume of your routine. When you were using one of the 3 day split routines, you might have been doing 8 work sets for your chest, because you were only working chest once per week. Now you are currently working chest three times per week and working your entire body in that same workout. So, in order to keep making progress and not overtrain, you may only do 2 sets for your chest. Likewise, you would reduce the number of sets for all your other body parts as well.

Here is one of my favorite 3 day split routines

Three Times Per Week

Workout 1 (Monday and Friday)

Squats - 1 x 20
Calf Raises 1 x 15 - 20
Seated Calf Raises 1 x 12 - 15
Close Grip Pulldowns (X-Reps) 1 x 8 – 12
DB Rows (X-Reps) 1 x 8 – 12
DB Pullovers 1 x 8 – 12
Decline Bench Press (X-Reps) 2 x 8 – 12
DB Flyes 1 x 8 – 12
Dips (X – Reps) 1 x 12 – 15
DB Upright Rows (X-Reps) 1 x 8 – 12
Incline Laterals 1 x 8 - 12
DB Lateral Raises 1 x 8 - 12

Workout 2 (Wednesday)

Tricep Pushdowns (X-Reps) 1 x 8 – 12
Incline DB Curls (X-Reps) 1 x 8 – 12
DB Overhead Extensions (Drop Set) 1 x 8 – 12 (6)
DB Concentration Curls (Drop Set) 1 x 8 – 12 (6)
Tricep Kickbacks 1 x 8 -12
Wall BB Curls 1 x 8 – 12

This routine involves working the legs, chest, back, and shoulders twice per week and working the arms once per week by themselves.

In order to design an effective program or split routine, it's important to understand the fundamentals of weight lifting. You can read about these training fundametals at http://www.buildleanmuscle.com/weight-lifting-programs.html

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